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40, Peixes, germany, Berlin
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Detalhes Importantes de SophieLogan
Preferência SexualBissexual
Altura>160 cm - 170 cm
Peso46 - 55 kg (100 - 120 lbs)
LínguasAlemão, Inglês
Pelos púbicosDepilada
O que excita-me
Everything!!! Especially you...
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Finde es heraus und frag mich!
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Turn on music and enjoy me...

It’s such a turn on when you dominate me in bed.

Some like it. Some don’t like it. But most love it in one way or another.

Being dominated in bed.

The degree of domination can vary, from just holding someones wrists or playing around being a bit rougher or taking more control to full of kinkiness where the use or restraints and other kinky things 😉

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Welcome, darling!

I enjoy the spontaneity of travel, and am very open to requests upon notice. A poised, beautiful lady at your side allows you to travel in style, knowing that every day will bode a perfect ending, makes any journey all the more memorable.

The type of woman who you will never forget.

A special getaway when you want space away from your daily life.

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Huge thanks for tokens you are gifting to me!

It's a pleasure to be appreciated.

My dreams

I want to go on

I want to go on to see the world. I want to go on to feel warm sandy beaches washed by cool water and breathe in crisp air at the top of mountains. I want to go on to visit Australia, Japan, Scotland, Nepal, as many places as I can.

I want to go on to make new friends in life. I want to go on and still hold on to the friends I have.

I want to go on to one day see a book written by me published. I want to go on writing for as long as I live and hope it never becomes boring to me. I want to go on to see many of my books sitting on a shelf, in the hope that someone who reads them is helped the same way books helped me.

I have the potential to do all of this. But all I’ve got right now is potential.

I want to go on to be more than potential.